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    Haastyle Art    Artist: Chris Haas

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    Venus Top for Fall/Winter 2012!

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    Kohl Christensen launching for a kitesurf session at Mokuleia Beach, Oahu.  photo: Jason Lombard

  6. San Juan Mountains, Colorado


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    If you could go back ten years, what advice would you give yourself?

    Not too long ago I was reading Mary Ruefle and I remember this one part where she speaks of the voice within us, “a great weirdness” that we are all trying to listen to. It struck me, because I hear that voice all the time and I had distrusted it for so long. I thought my desire to become a photographer was some silly concoction of my youth and instead of listening, I pushed it far away so I could go on living some sort of pragmatic lifestyle I had assumed would serve me best. That worked temporarily, but soon enough that voice became louder and a bit more obscene. I realized that instead of listening, I opted to hide. So my advice to my twenty-one year old self would be to listen and to have faith in that voice. For me there will always be a battle between getting what I want and the desire to hide in fear. But what I’ve finally admitted is that I want a lot from this life. I want a lot for my heart, for my work, for my family, I want for so many things, and the only way to get it is to listen, to be vulnerable and to have a lot of faith in that weirdness within. -Adrienne Grunwald

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  9. Walking.

  10. More family time, a good forecast, and a mighty fine Autumn Red. #oakland #family #anchor #beer

  11. After climbing and skiing in the AK Range for several trips I wanted something a bit different. Less crevasses, less people, easy access, and less knowledge of the area. The Haines area was on the radar for a heli operation at the time, AT gear was just starting to get popular as Telemarking was still “the thing” for ‘mericans and snowboarders were filming the shit out of the zone. Enter Glacier Bay National Park. No helicopters allowed, almost crevasse free, accessible peaks, short flights, and almost zero info at the time. According to our pilot only a few locals and 1 expedition style trip had been made into the park to ski. Of course the team that had flown in was for Powder Magazine, but they had only skied a peak or two. Anyway, to make a really long awesome story short, we got a free recon flight in so Pilot Paul, whose partner or employee at the time, was the now infamous pilot Drake, could test his ski landing gear. We picked a cool spot, flew in the next day to near perfect conditions, dug in and crashed for the night dreaming of the next 10-12 days of blissful, epic, alpine touring. What happened for the next 10 days however was hardly blissful and more nightmarish. We woke to steady, cold winds that would haunt us for the duration of our stay. Wind slabs, ice, sastrugi, shredded megamids, high dollar 4 season tents filled with spindrift, destroyed snowpit walls, gusts easily into the 80 knot range, a head over heels lead fall into a bergschrund and needless to say, fairly terrible skiing from day one. With no way out we continued to dig our camp deeper and deeper into the glacier, read shitty books and drank our supply of Jim Beam. We spent 10 days on the glacier, somehow managed to ski several cool peaks and couloirs, and the climbing was fun at times, but it was hardly what we had envisioned. Our camp in this photo is almost 10 feet deep in a hole and has a shredded BD Megamid wrapped around a Mountain Hardware. Spring 2004 #haines #alaska #mountains #alpinetouring #expedition #skiing #tbt (at Glacier Bay National Park)

  12. It’s easy to take things for granted and overlook just how fucking great things may be. Family has been at the forefront of our agenda recently, and sad news from a friend can be a slap of reality. Last week on our surprise trip to Michigan I was fortunate to have 2 days that gave me time to kite. Mother Nature fortunately delivered and brought 20 knts then 25knts and finally 30 knt winds. 2 epic days of downwind kiting and waves on Lake Michigan. This shot was taken when I finally gave in, landed my kite, and decided I needed to, at the very least, take a fucking picture. 30 knots and 6-8 meter kites at sunset after 4 solid hrs of amazing Lake Michigan magic. #autumnteneyl #wherethemountainsmeetthesea #lakemichigan #kitesurfing (at Vans Beach)

  13. Walking and waiting. Time for a beer. #collegecampus #purdue #university #indiana #wood #sculpture (at Purdue University)

  14. Always a good time at the Haas house. #haastyleart #sculpture @mfhaastyle

  15. Holy crap. I’m scared. #essex #surfhousing